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There are two tasks associated with both removals and shipping which are considered the toughest of the lot. The first task is the clearing of the goods that need to be moved or shipped to another city or country from the administration. From getting clearance certificates from the local administration to getting all the paperwork signed for getting documents which would allow entry into the new city, state or country is a very tough and tiring task. The second task is of transporting the goods that need to be moved during the removal or that need to be shipped. Whether the transportation can be done through land routes via cargo trucks or trains or whether the transportation has to be done through air or water through airplanes or ships, the task of first arranging a spot on a transportation medium and then ensuring safe deliver of the goods on the desired location is extremely tough. However, ‘tough’ is a word not found in our dictionary at Travel Cov. We ensure that nobody breaks a sweat during a removal!  

Travel Cov - Support that Lasts the Distance

Travel Cov is a removals and logistics service which goes well beyond the call of duty to ensure that nothing goes wrong during a removal or during a shipping assignment. With an experienced staff who is well-reversed in laws to help in clearing of the goods that need to be moved as part of a removal or that need to be shipped as part of a logistics assignment and with an array of containers and trucks which facilitate transportation through land and water, your goods would be in safe hands with us!


Our Mission

Our mission at Travel Cov is to ensure that every task that is assigned to us as part of a logistics or removal assignment is performed with the utmost efficiency. You will never get anything but the best when you would choose Travel Cov! 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around the idea that the world has truly become a global village and sending or taking anything to any part of the world is possible. We make sure that we help people who want to do that!


Features of Travel Cov

When it comes to logistics and removal services, we are considered one of the best. The features that make it all possible are:

Awesome Rates

We guarantee you that you will find our rates to be the lowest in the market. You can get quotes from everyone and we are confident that our quote would be the cheapest!


Safe Delivery Guaranteed

We make sure that all of your goods are insured so that even in the case of an unforeseen accident, your goods are delivered safely to your destination.


Our logistics support would never be complete without our array of transportation mediums which make everything possible!


Consistent Updates

We will keep you updated throughout so that you would know the status of your removal all the time.  

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Want to know the truth about us? Look at the reviews our customers left us!

The best thing about Travel Cov is that they take care of everything on their own. The most stressful international removal ever! You literally have no headaches when you hire them for your removals services. 
Wayne L. Skinner

I am one of the most nervous individuals in the world and so I was very worried about where my car was after I had signed up Travel Cov for shipping it to my daughter. They provided live updates to make sure that I remained calm throughout! Thank you!
Harvey C. Key

It was an absolute pleasure to use the service of Travel Cov. It’s most definitely the most diverse logistics service out there! They offer a variety of removals services that are available to make your move stressfree.
Rachel W. Michalski

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